We left off with our “Bad Boy” student face-to-face with the hottest woman in the bar…

He had used a “Truth Disconnect” to get her attention, then used silence and “so you’re the kind of woman who…” to get her to start to seek HIS approval.

I want to point out to you how simple each of these steps are. Once you really understand how to use “Bad Boy” power with women, it’s not hard… and not even that scary. It actually becomes FUN to approach superhot women, because you know how to get them pursuing YOU.


At this point, Mike’s prospect had softened a little. She admitted what was really going on for her — that she was trying to protect herself from the onslaught of come-ons she was getting from men.

When a woman softens a little, and gets honest, you then give her a CONDITIONAL compliment.

That’s what Mike did next.

He said,

“That’s okay, I like tough women. I thought maybe you were bitchy, but maybe you are nice.”

Let’s look at what he did here:

First, he complimented her on a real quality of hers: that she was tough.

But he also made it conditional by saying “I thought you looked bitchy, but maybe you are nice.”

He gave her a compliment, but also reminded her of how she was appearing to the world.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: You must learn to give women CONDITIONAL compliments, or you put yourself HER in control.

Mike says “I thought maybe you were bitchy, but maybe you are nice.”

This puts her in a position where she must LIVE UP to his compliment (by being nice) or admit that she is bitchy.

If Mike had just said “That’s okay,” it would have made him look like a guy who has no standards, and that it’s okay for her to treat him any way she wants. “Do what you want, I’ll say it’s okay,” he might as well have said.

But when he says “I thought maybe you were bitchy, but maybe you are nice,” he compliments her for being nice, but warns her that her bitchy behavior is NOT okay with him.

Can you see how this makes him a “hard to get” man, and how this will start to train her to work for his approval?

Well, you can do the same thing. It’s not hard… and all the details to make you a “Bad Boy” expert are at


To get back to our story…

Here’s how she responded: She said, “It’s just that I can’t even go sit by the bar without all these guys coming up to me all the time with the most lame pickups.”

At this point Mike got curious. “That’s wild,” he said. “What’s the most clueless pickup line you get?”

“Oh God,” She responded. “You wouldn’t believe how many men come up to me and say, ‘You are so beautiful.’ Like I need to hear that a hundred times a day.”

Mike said, “Ha! That’s hilarious.”

Things are going well for Mike with this woman…

What would YOU do next to make her pursue you?

The “Hard to Get” man knows that the next step is to DISQUALIFY YOURSELF, to make yourself even more valuable in her eyes.

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