Mike was at a hot urban bar, and saw a beautiful young woman in harem pants and a bikini top. She had breasts that could only be described as “alarmingly perfect” and “almost completely exposed.” One by one men went up to her, and one by one she brushed them off in a brusque, angry way.

Mike, a student of mine and a practicing Hard to Get man, thought he’d take a try, too. . . but that he’d use “bad boy” techniques.

While the other men he had watched approach her had found lame reasons to walk near her and then pretended to “notice” her, Mike walked right up to her.

What would you say in that situation?

How would you approach the “perfect 10,” who’s been brushing off every man who approached her?

If you don’t know, you definitely want to read this now.

Here’s what Mike said.

He said, “Wow, you look really angry.”

He didn’t start with “hi,” or (God forbid) “You are really beautiful,” or (extremely God forbid) “Can I buy you a drink,” or any of the other lame things the other guys said.

He led with the truth. Which, in this case, was: “Wow, you look really angry.”

This threw her off. This was different. She didn’t like it, but at the same time, at least Mike wasn’t being a groveling wimp like the other men.


Mike opened with what we call a “Truth Disconnect.”

And he did it to “cut through the clutter” of the wimpy guys, and to get the woman’s attention focused on HIM.

You know from yesterday’s lesson that, if you want the women you desire to pursue YOU, then you need to create DISCONNECTIONS.

You need to say and do things that create a challenge or barrier that she has to “climb over” in order to get to you.

That’s what “bad boys” do… Rather than spending all their time trying to REMOVE barriers for the women to be close, “bad boys” know that women (especially hot ones!) are drawn to the men they think they can’t have…

And you show those woman that you are “hard to get” by creating “disconnections” between the two of you.

You must know this, or you will spend your life groveling to women, rather than being able to call the shots. (I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but that really IS the truth!)

In our “How to Be the ‘Bad Boy’ Women Love” program, We teach 2 kinds of disconnections which are very useful in different situations: “Truth Disconnects” and “Canned Disconnects.”

Mike chose to use a “Truth Disconnect.”

A “Truth Disconnect” is something you say to a woman to create a “disconnection” that is based on something that is

a) TRUE about her and

b) UNATTRACTIVE about her.

If she is being mean, you tell her she’s being mean. If she looks bored, or tired, or upset, you tell her that.

The “Truth Disconnect” feeds back her behavior to her, in a way practically compels her to explain herself to you.

This is important because really “in-demand” women will not give you the time of day if you try to Connect with them.

Guys try it all day and all night, every day.

It simply is an approach that doesn’t work.

But Disconnecting DOES get her attention.

It doesn’t matter if you are “her type.” It doesn’t matter if you are older than her, or even not that good looking.

If you tell a woman (especially a hot one!) something TRUE and UNATTRACTIVE about her, she will usually be unable to leave you alone until she has changed your mind.

And that was the kind of disconnect that Mike decided to use on this woman. So Mike went straight up to this woman who had been really enjoying judging and rejecting every man who came near her, and he said,

“Wow, you look really angry.”

Here’s what she said back to him (Note how mean she is– it’s the “bitch shield” in action):

“I’m not angry. I’m just sick of guys like you hitting on me.”


This is not an academic question. It’s important! If you don’t know how to handle it when a woman misbehaves, you are going to end up alone, no matter what else you do!

Would you apologize? Grovel to her? Make a joke and pretend she wasn’t being mean?

PS – If you want to see another great example a man sent us of how he used a “Truth Disconnect” to get a woman to give him her number without his even asking, go to




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