I’ve come to realize that one of the MAIN roadblocks that are stopping men from ever experiencing the kinds of success with women boils down to having the wrong set of beliefs.

To be more specific, it’s BAD BELIEFS that are killing your game with women.

See, in order to be great with women, you’ve go to be willing to let go of the old set of beliefs you presently have and replace it with something new.

It is only then that sufficient space is created, allowing a new vision to begin taking form.

Whether you are consciously or unconsciously creating the thought, you are the cause and therefore the creator of your life.

We all are motivated by our currently dominant thoughts. We become what we dwell upon.

You are what you think about most.

Unfortunately, guys all over the planet are waiting.

Are YOU one of them?

Waiting for her to give you ‘signals’ that she’s interested, waiting for her to call, waiting, hoping and wishing for some miracle that she’ll give that one hint so that you can make your first move?

Waiting, waiting and more waiting…

At a first glance it seems that ‘waiting’ is harmless. But whilst those in waiting complain, whine and make excuses – they infect others with their apathy, disgust and general avoidance of contributing to the planet.

Instead of PARTICIPATING, they simply suck off those who choose to create, complaining that ‘they’ have all the power, influence and fun.

The bad news is that most of us, at some time, suffer from this ‘waiting’ illness.

The good news is that we all can change, and do it differently, if we are willing…

Willing is a key word. It is what creates the energy and courage to create and live life by DESIGN.

Wanting, by itself, just isn’t good enough.

In other words, wanting a loving relationship, wanting a girlfriend, wanting a girl to like you back doesn’t create them.

Being WILLING to have them is what creates them. Being willing moves you beyond your limitations into greatness.

The best thing about this is you can change the realities of your life right now if you were to DO something about it.

Stop thinking, stop analyzing, stop waiting and start TAKING ACTION.

Action determines the results you get in your life.

Most guys who lack the self-esteem, confidence and courage to pass through this experience of nothingness.

You don’t want to be like ‘them’, observe from the outside and live a life of ‘nothing-ness’, do you?

Yeap, I don’t think so too.

You’re only allowed to have this ONE short trip in this realm we call life, and you OWE it to yourself to make it the BEST one ever, you OWE it to yourself to live it with NOTHING holding you back in any shape, size or form.

The best ‘gurus’ of women I know, they NEVER let ANYTHING hold them back when their with women, and the results they get, if you were there with me, you’ll be SHOCKED; because they way they att.ract women, the things they’ll say and do, TOTAL OPPOSITES of what you’d expect a guy to do…

And these women, totally hot, super-model looking BABES who could easily get any rich guy they’d wanted, would still be sticking around them, waiting for these overweight dudes to make a move on them lol.

Can you beat that??!!

I know cos I’ve seen these two blobs run game with my own two eyes lol!

Take risks, forget about what’s possible and what’s not possible for a second and just DO IT.

If you want to approach and talk to her, just DO IT.

If you want to call her, stop coming up with clever, funny lines to impress her and just DO IT.

If you want to ask her out, then just DO IT.

Unconscious people are motivated by their fears (e.g. “I don’t want to be rejected”, “I don’t want to stay alone”, “I don’t want women laughing at me”).

And before they know it, they become what they fear!

And when it comes to dating, what do guys fear the most?

Fear of rejection.

Fear of embarrassment.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of what a woman might do if we start talking to her.

I’d like to remind you that fear is nothing but a THOUGHT.

It’s NOT real.

The only reason why it seems soo ‘real’ to you is because you MADE it real.

YOU made it your REALITY.

Think about the last 20 things you felt fear around. Then ask yourself, did ANY of those things come true?

In most of the cases, you’ll find that the fear did NOT come true. Would you believe that something like 98% of the things that people fear and worry about never come true?

Look, the day I was broke free of my ‘women-problems’ was the day my life changed. It was one the most EXCITING, EMPOWERING and unforgetable times in my life that I want YOU to experience that very same feeling as I.

The day you have your own list of OPTIONS with women you’d want to be with; THAT’S what life is REALLY all about. And yes, it’s way EASIER than you think it is when you have the inner POWER & SKILL to walk up to any woman you like, catch her attention & teasingly flirt with her.

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