If you want a woman to like you, paying attention to DETAILS no matter how small they may be is A MUST and NOT to be taken lightly.

Subtle GESTURES and any off hand actions are more charming and convincing than lofty words uttered or grand gestures performed…

The latter will only arouse suspicion. (A woman told me this).

It’s true, being “too smooth” with women may not neccesarily be all good. Ask any woman and they’ll tell u off the bat that ‘players’ are a big NO NO.

They can smell a “player” miles away and contrary to popular belief, women HATE “players”, “playboys” or whatever it’s called these days.

“They’re full of themselves”

“They’re not trustworthy”

“They’ll break your heart and run elsewhere when they see the next sweet thing”

“All talk no action”

Common words that describe the average “player”.

Bear in mind though, “players” and “bad boys” are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things. Worlds apart, really.

Players REPULSE women away.

Bad Boys ENTICE women to chase them.

Which would YOU rather be?

Instead, concentrate on with little details when you are with a girl you like, such as the way you dress, your fragrance, your gestures, as well as HERS; what she likes, what she says, what she wants, etc…

The words and actions to spell out, they’re definitely there and you have to be savvy and fast enough to catch them.

You have to learn to suggest proper feelings (in this case attraction) and moods through small details. The small details could be little rituals of charming actions, objects, a thoughtful little gift, – basically ANYTHING.

The main idea here is to focus on her senses – on DELIGHTING her senses. Your aim here is to win her over using the basic human senses of touch, sight, taste and hearing.

For example you can set up thoughtful gifts for her- if she loves sewing, get her a nice little sewing kit or if she loves baking, get her an oven or something that she could use in the kitchen.

Attune your sense to hers by watching her carefully.

ADAPT to her moods.

That said, it means when she is having a bad day make sure you do not aggravate the situation. You can always try to distract her by injecting some fun into her day.

Adapting to her moods also mean, when you sense she is defensive make sure you retreat. If she is happy, take advantage of the situation and move forward.

Paying attention to detail also include not just attuning to their moods but to their likes and dislikes as well.

For instance, you know how much she digs certain types of clothing on men- say Polo shirts for instance because she thinks they look neat and casual on a man, make sure you dress up in a Polo tee shirt on your next outing with her.

She’ll notice.. for sure.

The clothes you wear, the scent, entertainment, food, gifts you choose should all be aimed accurately according to her tastes.

Attend to your friend’s every move and want and desire and reveal your attentiveness in the details and objects you surround her with, filling her senses with the mood you need to inspire.

She will love the effect of your actions on her sense (remember that a woman’s senses are more refined than a man’s) and in no time she’ll be so taken in with your little pleasant rituals and hopefully she’ll realize what a charming and irresistible person you are and will be eating out of your hand soon enough.

Here you are attracting her with your actions not so much your words.

Words come easily and women these days get weary, skeptical of words at times, but a gesture, a thoughtful gift or gesture , the little details will seem MUCH MOREĀ  real and substantial.

All the little details will speak for itself without you having to tell her how you really feel.

Let her guess it in your looks and gestures – that is the more convincing language.

It’s simply CRUCIAL for you to DEVELOP and CULTIVATE specific qualities in yourself if you want to attract women… and KEEP them attracted.

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