Why It’s Good to be a Hard to Get Man

Everyone knows that women love the feeling of being chased. It makes them feel more feminine, being desired; being given all that attention. And women will not only feel prettier because of that, it also makes them feel more in control, more “powerful” in way simply because if their ability to get the guy to do whatever she wants from him just to win her over.

Ask any woman and she’ll usually say that the “chase” will always be one of the very best times in a relationship simply because everything is so new, uncertain and exciting – its no surprise that the longer they can drag the process, the better.

But at the end of the day, after all the fun and games are over, a woman will eventually, at one point or another, have to sit down to make a decision and choose and unfortunately, the choices doesn’t always include you. Men who often can’t stomach the frustration and rejection tend to lose all hope in getting it right when dating women.

It’s frustrating, we all know that as men; why are women always having the upper hand, the power to reject and dismiss, whilst the guys are left to fight & compete to win her over.

And well, fortunately, that courting process is now a thing of the past as times have certainly changed, and boy oh boy have they really changed!

At this day and age, it is not uncommon to see how much the tables have turned in the male-female dynamics as more and more women are doing the chasing, as opposed to the guys.

So why is that?

What is the “key” to it, really?

How does a guy “motivate” a girl to chase?

Well, it’s simply a case of knowing the trigger points of what makes a woman tick; how to connect and disconnect with a woman to create a chemistry, an “attraction” so strong, that gets her feeling like you are the one who was meant for her and no other.

Hit those trigger points enough times with an emotional intensity, and bam, magic happens!

There’s actually an entire module that teaches exactly how to trigger those points  in a program called the “Hard to Get Man”.

Introducing How to Be the Bad Boy Women Love

This program discusses the different processes in becoming a guy that gets what he wants. The manual is actually based on real-life situations that every man out there could surely relate to and what’s better is that it’s actually conceptualized and created by guys who are the very BEST at mentoring others to do so too.


No, it’s not like other dating guides that leave you with a book and leave you to figure it out for yourself. Though it is true that learning theories are the building blocks and foundation to mastery, unfortunately theories alone are never enough. This program “forces” you to actually “apply” all that you’ve learned in in your every day life.

The Hard to Get Man teaches you the basics and gives you tips and explanations along the way. You don’t have to scratch your head while you go over the pointers. Other programs on dating either spins you off in corners, beats around the bush or do not directly address a man’s problem on dating. Besides the content, the lessons are arranged in a way that you could easily understand and refer to them when you’re in a difficult situation. Examples are also present in the book to give you a better idea on how to execute them.

The stance of the Hard to Get Man regarding relationships and dating is something you would also appreciate. (And trust me when I say that I’ve read tons and tons of books on dating and found a lot of them to be downright funny, unrealistic and ridiculous.) It looks at dating in a truthful light and doesn’t push you to believe that everything’s so fine and dandy (…and magical) when it’s not. Instead, it makes you accept the abounding challenges you will meet later on and it gives you full proof solutions on how to deal with them in the most effective way.

The BAD (Sort Of)

As with all things, the Hard to Get Man module has a few imperfections. One of them is the lack of additional content regarding Easy to Get Men, Hard to Get Men and Impossible to get Men. The module is a bit one-sided in describing the characteristics of each one and barely takes into consideration the possible factors that contribute to one’s actions (a guy may not want to be a dating wreck but because of his personal background, he becomes one inevitably). It would have been better if the material also elaborated how a boring, nervous bonehead can gradually change into an attractive Hard to Get Man.

Another thing you have to watch out for as well is the way you put the lessons to action. Extra caution is necessary when you try to become the Hard to Get Man to avoid making the wrong impression on women. As you probably are already aware of, being hard to get is a concept that is not familiar to women and some of them are might be unaccepting of this behavior. They may take it negatively and earn you a slap on the cheek especially when they are truly in a bad mood.
But you know what…

Despite its minor pitfalls, this program does a lot in making you score better with women. The best lesson I’ve learned is perhaps on the step-by-step process in being the Hard to Get Man. Perhaps, you’re like me who becomes a stuttering idiot when sighting a hot chick but after reading the book, I soon learned to keep my cool and even protect myself from the “bitch shield”. You don’t have to be a lapdog to attract women. As a matter of fact, telling a woman about what you really see when she acts rudely elicits more of a reaction from her than fluffing her out all the time. The Hard to Get Man tells you to surprise women and show that you are challenging enough to receive attention from her. It’s somewhat similar to how women are psychologically attracted to the bad boys. There are lots more you can learn from the Hard to Get Man that you can’t find anywhere else.

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